Porter Pipe & Supply upgraded to a Watts W-244 plasma pipe cutting machine and quickly expanded their offerings and production due to dramatically increasing efficiency in prepped pipe production.

"...we were able to provide cost savings in preparation time of up to 280% while also increasing our sales revenue in exchange for the added value we were providing."   Read the full story...

Enerpipe Installs Watts W-364 Pipe Cutting Machine, Enhances Precision and Efficiency
The new Watts equipment allows Enerpipe to download digital diagrams into the pipe cutting software. The machine automatically sets up and cuts nested parts from the pipe, minimizing waste and increasing production efficiency.
"The automation and precision allows us to perform projects with a higher number of nozzle welds or support legs much more efficiently," says Enerpipe President Greg DeValk. "We also keep all large-diameter cutting projects in-house now."

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