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for Watts-Mueller Pipe Cutting Machines

Design Your Parts

Input the dimensions of your pipe and you can view a 3D representation in PypeServer.
As you input various saddle cuts and/or end cuts you see the job graphically represented. If you need several identical pipe cuts, you can input them to be duplicated.

Nesting Your Parts

Working with a long straight pipe, PypeServer enables you to design multiple cuts and joints. After all cuts have been entered into the 3D pipe cutting software, the Watts machine will deliver all these cuts and joints with the push of a button.

Load and Monitor Your Machine

As nested parts are cut, PypeServer highlights them within the 3D software view. This allows you to monitor and keep up with the cutting project as the Watts-Mueller machine works through the various parts.

Data as You Need It

All PypeServer data is stored in SQL databases giving your technicians quick access to cutting projects and pipe inventory. Your data can be exported to Excel spreadsheets for reporting - even the 3D imaging.
The various data gives your company the ability to improve cutting schedules, designs and cost estimates. Everything you need to calculate and improve performance.

When used with Watts-Mueller CNC Pipe Cutting Machines, PypeServer is the most robust 3D pipe cutting software on the market. The combination of Watts equipment and PypeServer software increases the efficiency of your CNC pipe cutting, beveling and nesting.

PypeServer Enterprise Features & Capabilities

How PypeServer Reduces (a lot of) Material Waste:

  • Visual CAD style design reduces mistakes and scrapped parts,
  • Mathematically minimized waste (sub-inches) via auto-nesting
  • Nesting to the true length of the random pipe size allows you to use all the pipe, regardless of its length (live nesting at the machine)
        - You do this by nesting at the machine--right as you load the random length "random"
  • Ability to accurately nest into the toe outcropping of previously cut pipe
  • Ability to use full length of pipe if using a pipe-extension

How PypeServer Increases Productivity:

  • You don't need to dry run (since you can see what you're doing)
  • Enter part data from drawings very quickly,
  • Create "scheduled" parts for each required part, and then track those parts through to cutting
        - This means the operator doesn't need to log parts cut, there is no confusion about how many parts were cut, which parts were for which jobs, how many already shipped, etc.
  • Easily duplicate parts with variances (such as pipe size, hole positions, etc.)
        - Easily adjust for specific assembly fit so you're not wasting time grinding, or money and time filling gaps
  • Quickly change part nesting's at the machine for immediate needs (e.g. the welders are waiting)
  • Scrap and automatically reschedule parts for re-cutting
  • Nest all parts at once so the operator doesn't have to discretely load each part
  • Automatically track heat numbers
        - The system creates a permanent record of every part ever cut--all tied to the pipes from which they were cut from
  • View your data in Excel
        - Build reports, view job completion, etc.
  • Upload parts from CAD exports (per user request and investigation of the specific CAD system)
  • Manage pipe inventory and track pipe use
        - Load (directly or via Excel) all your pipe as it comes into the yard.
  • Accurately estimate required pipe and cut time for any given job
  • The system records how long every cut actually took--and how long a job took
  • View job status right from the application
        - So you can (from the machine or remotely) see exactly how far along you are on a job (or when you finished it sometime in the past)
  • No need to copy files from one place to the next. No confusion over duplicated files--it's all on a SQL server.

How PypeServer Increases Accuracy:

As you load each nesting, you can enter the actual pipe diameter and wall thickness (as each pipe varies from the ASME schedule size). This increases cut accuracy by adjusting to the true variances of each pipe.

Support and Ways PypeServer Decreases Downtime:

  • The Kiosk hardware (inside the NEMA 4 box) is a high-end Pentium dual-quad processor I-7 laptop that can be easily and quickly replaced
  • We configure the Kiosk for online support where we can log-on to the system to provide at-machine immediate help
  • All data (SQL data) is backed up on different disks (and your IT guys can further duplicate it off-site from the backup files).
  • All upgrades and fixes are included in the license
  • Online training videos are per-topic so that operators can view them right from the PypeServer kiosk or at the remote desktop--one click brings up a browser that takes you to the training videos site.

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