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Introduction to Watts-Mueller Machines

WM Robo Series Beam Cutting

WM-Series - Advancing a Large Pipe

Large Vessel Profiling - Cutting Machines

W-242 -- Computerized Pipe Cutting Machine

With Two-Axis Computer Control and manually controlled bevel angles

The W-242 is controlled by a heavy-duty industrial computer designed to run in extremes of temperature, humidity and vibration. The bevel angles are preset on the indicator gauge rather than computer controlled like the four axis W-242. Where thick pipe is used and the bevel gap must be precisely controlled for deep weld penetration the W-244 is preferred.

All controls are remotely mounted at the cutting head for easy access. The W-242 uses the latest computer motion-control systems along with an innovative floating headstock and cutting head design. Only a floating headstock and cutting head allows smooth accurate handling of irregular pipe.

W-244 -- Powered Conveyor Loading


WM-Series - Dome Cutting Machine

WM-Series - Pipe Profiling

W-242 Pipe Cutter in Action with PypeServer

W-244 CNC Pipe Machine

W-364 Pipe Cutter - OTC-2016

W-132 -- Computerized Pipe Cutting Machine


The Watts-Mueller W-122 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine. This video shows the W-122 making multiple cuts, including a saddle cut, using PypeServer software.

W-60-20 Straight Pipe Cutter

W-60-20 Straight Pipe Cutter - Pipe Beveler, Coupon Cutter

The W-60-20 is a preferred machine in schools and training facilities. Capable of cutting up to 12" diameter pipe. The W-60-20 comes standard with a Watts oxy-fuel torch that utilizes a Victor style 3-101 tip that can be rotated to produce the desired weld bevel. The preheat gases and cutting stream oxygen are supplied through a magnetic valve manifold. Once the preheat valves are set to the desired flame, they are turned on and off with a switch on the front panel. The chuck rotation speed is adjustable with a speed control on the front panel from 0 to 4.75 RPM. Comes standard with Rotary Ground.

W-132-LPSC Long Pipe Straight Cutter

The W-132 LPSC is a pipe cutter capable of cutting from 3" to 32" diameter pipe up to 20' long (optional lengths available based on what is needed). Complete with oxy fuel torch and magnetic valve manifold, with plasma interface and wiring to attach customer supplied plasma cutter. The torch is manually adjusted to the desired bevel angle. This machine includes 5 TR10 transfer rollers.

The W-132 insures straight cuts by utilizing a rotary clamp to draw the pipe into an indexing roller to control pipe walk. If plasma cutting is used, the ground is completed by attaching the ground clamp to the end of the pipe and moving it to the next part to be cut after each cut. The carriage is manually positioned to the desired location and locked into place. The carriage floats on a roller ball standoff to maintain an accurate distance from the pipe surface. All the cables are routed in cable track to the carriage.

- Diameter: 3 in to 32 inch
- Length: 20 ft. standard (longer available)
- Volts: 115 v     - Amps: 4
- Size: 3 X 20 ft.
- Shipping wt: 1200 lb.
- Up to 140 surface inches per minute rotation speed

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