Company Overview

From Pioneer to Innovative Problem-Solver
Innovative technologies, intelligent software, robust construction and modern design are the four cornerstones of our machine manufacturing activities - Made in the USA!
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At our location in Puyallup (near Seattle) we produce 3D profile cutting machines for round pipes, tanks, dished-ends, square and rectangular pipes and steel beams as well as automated welding solutions for the toughest requirements in the metalworking industry.

The machines and our software solutions are used in all segments of thermal cutting and welding and represent the first and the most important stage of a modern production process. The high quality of workmanship and the many years of experience of our staff are an assurance of integrated solutions for complex cutting and welding tasks - worldwide.

Watts Specialties US-Washington Facility
Watts Specialties USA - Washington Fabrication and Assembly Facility

Watts Specialties machines are being used for multi-million dollar projects all around the world. We invite you to download our company brochure.

A Brief History
Watts Specialties is a US company founded by Don Watts as Watts Specialties in the early 1980s. It focused in its early years on the production of small pipe-cutting machines for welding schools.

Watts Specialties Service
The over 1,770 machines at work each day in 72 countries demonstrate the reliability of our products. Our service centers in Germany, USA, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore and Brazil ensure direct communication and machine availability.

Our Philosophy
We carefully listen to understand the needs of our customers and we work diligently to find solutions geared to these requirements. This also entails serving our customers in a spirit of partnership throughout the life-cycle of our machines. In collaboration with our customers, our engineers are constantly developing new solutions. Thanks to our extensive experience in the fields of CAD, software programming, developing electronic control systems, isometric projection and application-oriented cutting processes, we can ensure that our technologies are always state-of-the-art.

Watts Specialties Team

David Carr - Director of Sales & Marketing

David Carr
1960 - 2023

Please see our Memorial for
our friend and colleague.
Dave Dunham - Managing Director, Operations - USA

Dave Dunham

Managing Director

Michelle Cooper - Inside Sales, North America

Michelle Cooper

Inside Sales, North America