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The Watts-Mueller pipe profiling system makes us...more efficient...spending less on manhours.
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Using the Watts-Mueller WM-60...a job that once took seven hours to cut was complete in less than an hour...
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We are cutting around 50-80 vessels per month...what normally would take 10 hours...can be done in one hour.
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We have cut...over 12,000 feet of pipe, at 158 tons. We are getting great value with our Watts-Mueller W-244 machine.
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The Watts-Mueller
W-244, six axis machine has enabled us not only to grow, it has opened up more opportunities as well.
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...commands are entered into the W-364 and all cuts are made...manually cutting and grinding would have been a two-hour process.
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Prior to getting the Watts-Mueller machine we used cranes to move pipe to our machine...the machine bed and conveyors enhance our safety and cuts down on our labor costs.
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We went from two guys working all day cutting cutting two days a week...our labor savings alone justified the Watts-Mueller machine.
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We just completed a 16" OD project. I calculated and budgeted 40 manhours for drawing, cutting and beveling. We did the project in 3 manhours!
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...the Watts-Mueller
MO 2000/6 Series with a 6-axis torch head...We needed a machine for cutting pipe to precise lengths, beveling, and cutouts.
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The 6-axis Watts-Mueller machine makes great cuts and the nesting software makes handling a 45 ft pipe fully automated.
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...the Watts-Mueller System drastically cuts the job labor time. The 3D software draws up the cuts, then the Watts machine cuts it...our welding time has been reduced by 34%.
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With the WM-60 and a 60 ft bed...We make faster cuts with less prep work and less amazing increase in production and ROI.
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