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Now you can plug in your own numbers to calculate ROI on a new Watts-Mueller CNC machine.

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Based on multiple Case Studies from our customers, and from our own research, a Watts-Mueller CNC Machine can improve your production numbers by 400% over manual cutting and up to an additional 20% savings on a reduction of Fit-up time, Weld time and filler metal. Most of our customers experience no more than an 18 month ROI with these savings.

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Company Executives Discuss how Using Watts-Mueller Equipment has helped them Increase Efficiency, Cut Manhours and Generate more Profits.
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Watts-Mueller Management Team

David Carr - Director of Sales & Marketing

David Carr

Managing Director, Sales & Marketing

Dave Dunham

Managing Director, Operations - USA
Ralf Hamacher

Ralf Hamacher

CFO, Germany/USA
Jan Sulimma - Sales & Marketing, Europe

Jan Sulimma

Sales & Marketing, Europe
Dave Collins

Dave Collins

Operations, Non-CNC USA

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