Watts CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines use cutting-edge technologies for cutting industrial steel pipe. Watts Specialties W-Series machines not only make precision cuts, but the cut pipe has smooth beveled edges that will save your fabrication team in manhours, money and materials. Using our 3D-Profile Plus software will bring more efficiency as well.

John Ferrucci, VP
F+F Mechanical
"After the original purchase of our W-244 machine, our production went up dramatically, said John Ferrucci, VP of F+F Mechanical. "It took 3-4 months to adjust to our new capabilities, but after those first months our production increased by 26%. We were able to take on larger volume projects, something we simply did not have the capacity to do prior to having the new Watts machine.

The increased production came from faster and cleaner cuts, making prep work almost non-existent. In addition, we also gained productivity from the 3D-Profile Plus pipe cutting software. Pipe measuring, marking and setup is almost eliminated."

Watts Specialties CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines
Watts-Specialties CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines



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